2024 CostShare Report FAQs


Exactly what do the COSTSHARE REPORT findings represent?

The findings do represent how cost-sharing (out-of-pocket expenses) can vary among Medicare managed care plans that offer similar benefits and services when adjusted for enrollee health status.

The findings do compare plans based on the applicable annual out-of-pocket expenses (copayments, premiums, deductibles) that enrollees incur for the approved benefits and services provided under each plan.

The findings do represent each plan's cost-sharing requirements as posted on the Medicare Plan Finder at www.Medicare.gov.


What do the COSTSHARE REPORT findings not represent?

The findings do not represent a guarantee of the actual annual out-of-pocket expenses that Medicare beneficiaries would incur upon enrolling in a plan.

The findings do not compare provider networks, financial stability, quality of care, enrollee satisfaction, or other managed care plan performance measurements.

The findings do not represent the cost-sharing requirements for Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in employer-sponsored group retirement plans.


What limitations should Medicare beneficiaries take into consideration when using the COSTSHARE REPORT findings?

COSTSHARE REPORT findings have not been verified for accuracy by each plan.  Nevertheless, certain limitations or benefit restrictions may apply that can affect the annual out-of-pocket expenses shown in the COSTSHARE REPORT examples.

Plan benefits, copayments, deductibles, and monthly premiums are subject to change by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Medicare Part B monthly premiums ($174.70 in 2024 for most beneficiaries) are included in the cost-sharing comparisons and must continue to be paid as a condition for enrollment in all Medicare Advantage plans.

Cost-sharing dollar differences between individual plans may range from as little as $1 to over $500.  Each COSTSHARE REPORT user should decide whether the annual cost-sharing dollar differences are sufficient for selecting one plan over another.

Although COSTSHARE REPORT comparisons are important, they should not be the sole basis for either selecting or not selecting a Medicare Advantage plan.


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